What we do

We offer an incredibly wide variety of treatment options including teeth and denture cleaning, bleaching, fillings, and cosmetic treatment, root canals, extractions (including impacted wisdom teeth), crowns, bridges and implants, bone grafting, new dentures as well as repairs and additions to dentures.

Teeth Cleanings

Who doesn't love to smile?

It's a lot more enjoyable when you can be proud of your smile! Our skilled
hygienists will help get you there. Stained teeth, bad breath, bleeding gums,
you name it, we can help.

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Care For Young and Old

We have experience tending to the oral health needs of adults and children alike.

From the time your first tooth erupts as a baby, throughout childhood, adolescence
and through the stages of adulthood, we are here to help guide you in maintaining
optimal oral health. Keeping your mouth looking good and feeling good too.

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Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges…that look like teeth!

Ever talk with a person who showed you that “really great crown” they had done?

Well.....not here! When we do a crown for you it will look so natural no one will believe it’s not your natural tooth! Now that’s treatment worth smiling about!

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Oral Exams & Cancer Screenings

Great dental care is about more than just looking at your teeth.

Complete exam means examination of head, neck and jaw as well as throat cheeks lips and tongue, which can help with early identification of many localized and systemic health issues.

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Tooth Removal

Sometimes there just isn’t any hope for a tooth, and it needs to be removed.

Patients often recount stories of tooth removals involving “a foot on the chest” and great yanking and pulling and pain.

Take heart, the removal of a tooth is far less dramatic than you might think.

With appropriate local anaesthetic (freezing), the offending tooth can often be removed quickly and painlessly, leaving most patients wondering why they were anxious in the first place.

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Bone Grafting

When a tooth needs to be removed, the hole that is left behind gradually heals with soft tissue and bone.

The amount of bone is usually diminished. In order to maximize the bulk of bone that remains, bone grafting can be performed. This aids the socket in healing with a greater volume of bone which can profoundly improve the feasibility of replacing that tooth with an implant as well as improve the esthetics of the surrounding soft tissue.

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Restorative Dentistry

This means fillings. And yes, even the best smiles can have fillings. We are here to make sure your smile looks like you’ve never needed a filling in your life. It’s our secret.

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Oral Surgery

Extra space is for the attic, not your smile.

Many missing teeth can be replaced by implants.

It’s not for everyone. But it might be for you.

Sure, natural teeth are best. But if you’re missing one, or a few, these are usually the next best thing.

Functional and natural looking. Why go without?

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Root Canal

These guys get such a bad rap.

Stop talking to your friends about it…they’re wrong! Root canal treatment is rarely as uncomfortable as they’d like you to believe.

Root canal therapy is an effective way to fix a tooth that has become infected. When feasible, retaining your natural teeth is the healthiest option

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